Turn the clock back with these amazing non surgical options!

So.. what exactly is a non-surgical facelift?

Men and women are always concerned about their faces, and since these are the most noticeable parts of the body, they wanted to keep their faces clean, smooth, glowing, and healthy as possible. However, there are inevitable instances that face looks dull. This is usually the time when individuals take a trip to their dermatologists and surgeons to seek help and advice. There have been many incidents wherein some individuals with go straight to surgical procedures believing that this is the fastest and easiest way to bring back the smoothness, clarity and glow of their faces.

This is actually not true at all times. As a matter of fact, non-surgical facelift is now becoming more popular and sought upon by both men and women. This is an alternative to surgical facelifts that are said to be costly and complicated.

How do non surgical facelifts work?

Non-Surgical Facelift is a process of skin tightening that does not involve subjecting one’s self under the knife just like what most plastic surgeries required. Non-Surgical Facelift  is also known as tissue tightening that aids in reducing wrinkles and eliminating sagging skin in the face, around the neck and jaw line. Non-Surgical Facelift is said to be non-invasive in nature therefore the recovery time is expected to be quick. This process works on different skin types.

The Options

There are several options available, and one of these is Thermage. This has the capacity of helping your skin use collagen efficiently. Radio frequency energy is used in heating the collagen. The skin begins to look younger as it gets tighter. This Non-Surgical Facelift options must be considered as soon as you notice first aging signs. The older the skin becomes, the more the treatment option becomes less effective.

Laser facelift is another option that you can take. This is closely similar to Thermage wherein laser heats collagens and helps the outer layer of the skin to be more enhanced. Tight skin gives individuals younger and fresher look. If you wanted to avoid surgery, another considerable option is Microcurrent or bio-ultimate facelift. The skin looks even better because this is being stimulated by electric currents. The activity of the skin improves despite muscle stimulation.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Facelift

The advantages of non-surgical facelift are immense. There will no longer be a need to go back to the surgeon’s clinic few months after the facelift for some updates. Individuals also do not need to worry about the effects and possibilities of wear off. If you take good care of your face regularly after a non-surgical facelift combined with healthy eating and exercise, you will surely reap the ongoing benefits.

Another advantage of non-surgical facelift is the long-term effect it delivers. Unlike surgical procedures which are quite risky, non-surgical options are safer. Surgeries are linked to various harsh side effects that may pose to health. With all the non-surgical facelift options available, individuals will no longer experience pain, discomfort and long recovery period. Non-Surgical Facelift is therefore an ideal option and this has the capacity of bringing same or even better results that surgical procedures can offer.  

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